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ESL forum > Ask for help > Would rather/ would prefer/ had better    

Would rather/ would prefer/ had better


Would rather/ would prefer/ had better
I have some dificulty trying to use these three expressions. Could you please explain them to me.
I know, in general terms would rather and had better must be followed by a bare infinitive whereas would prefer usually goes with a to infinitive or a gerund.
However I still have problems in some sentences. For instance,  how would you change these sentences:
- Id prefer you not  tell him. Id rather .... (you not tell him?)
- She doesnt want her husband to apply for the job. Shed rather....

Apart from that, could you also help me to change these other sentences:
- You ought to make up your mind now. Its high time .... (for you to make up your mind? Is this correct?
- "I did not take the money". She denied ....(taking the money?)

Thanks a lot to all of you.

12 May 2012      

United Kingdom

I d have difficulty explaining the rules as I m a native speaker, but here are the sentences you quote.

I d rather you didn t tell him. 
She d rather he didn t apply.
It s high time you made your mind up. 
She denied taking the money.

Hopefully somebody more knowledgeable will reply! 

12 May 2012     


I think this is a quite comprehensive explanation.

12 May 2012