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New videos!


New videos!
We are looking for new videos to use in our primary english lessons like winne the witch.
We are lucky to have a budget to invest on it so it would be great to receive your suggestions!

20 May 2012      


I use a couple of videos from " wallace and  grommit", There is also a booklet with activities.
And yes! you guys are very lucky!
Have a great day!

20 May 2012     

Czech Republic

If you use Winnie ´s pictures, you can revise everything you like - clothes - Winnie´s washing line, colours, house + furniture + there is/are, food + witch ´s brew + cooking verbs, seasons + weather + garden - It is rainy and Wilbur is bored and wet., Wilbur + neighbour ´s pets, daily routine, opposites - Winnie is not small, she is ....., vehicles 40 Vehicles, time of the day + clocks + daily routine, present simple, past simple, future simple, present perfect - Wilbur is wet because he has played in the rain., conditionals, prepositions...

Tongue twisters are fun: 
If two witches would watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch?

Teacher Resource Pack

Winnie the Witch - reading comprehension
Winnie the witch
Winnie Witch - Halloween reading
Winnie´s washing line
Winnie´s Brew
Exercises on Winnie the Witch
Winnie´s House
Winnie the Witch - questions and answers
More exercises on Winnie the Witch
Questions on Winnie the Witch
Winnie the witch
Winnie the Witch
winnie the witch
Winnie the witch story
Winnie in Winter 1
Winnie in Winter 2
WINNIE IN WINTER- Complete story-activity
video : halloween, Winnie the witch
Winnie the witch
All about Winnie
Winnie the witch
General information about Winnie the witch
winnie the witch cloze text page 3-8
Winnie the Witch
Winnie in Winter. test
Winnie the witch FLIES AGAIN - story book
Winnie flies again
WINNIE IN SPACE - story book
Winnie the witch test
Winnie in winter 18-21
Winnie in Winter - key 2
Winnie in Winter 3
Winnie in Winter activity on pages 11-13
Winnie in Winter
Winnie in Winter - key
Winnie in Winter. test
Winnie in Winter test
Lesson-plan about the storybook "Winnie In Winter"
Picture Book Reading/Listening Activities: Winnie The Witch
Winnie, the witch
a new design for Winnie´s house
Winnie´s Maths Problems
Winnie order ´n gasp

20 May 2012     

Czech Republic

EFL videos:
Disney Magic English (about 40 episodes) - great stuff!, Gogo loves English (elem), Muzzy (a bit old but cute), ELT Wrong Trousers (Wallace +Grommit), teen vid: English Extra (sitcom), The Animated Tales of the World (2000) - anime fairy tales

Aunt Tiger
Cap O ´Rushes
Chief and the Carpenter
Ewenn Conger
Green Man of Knowledge
King March
Magic Paintbrush
Podna and Podni
Raven Steals the Daylight
The Tree with the Golden Apples
The Two Brothers
Tyrant and the Child

20 May 2012     

[email protected]

Recently another user asked the same question.
I suggested "Mr. Benn", an animated TV programme from The U.K. in the early 1970s.
The voice-over is slow, clear and in simple English.
I do not know about "legal issues" but I used a website called keepvideo to download the 15 available episodes from Youtube.
When I have time, I will learn to use a simple subtitle software and make subtitles for them.
Each episode is about 14 and a half minutes, including opening and closing titles.
The basic plot is always the same. A man Called Mr. Benn goes to a costume shop whenever he is bored. There, the shopkeep always suggests that he try-on an outfit. He always does, and he always leaves the changing room to enter the world/environment from which the outfit comes.
Here is a link to the Youtube search result.
Good luck.

20 May 2012     


Thanks you very much

22 May 2012