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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > head noun    

head noun


head noun
Hello everyone ,
Could anyone help me to check if this sentence is grammatically correct or not?

We learn things by heart which is not effective .

I wanted to know whether the use of "is not "  correct or should I  use "are not " .

23 May 2012      

Mariethe House

I īd say: "we learn things by heart ,which is not a very effective way of learning"
              "Learning things by heart is not a very effective method of learning"
A bit more moderateSmile
  " we learn things by heart which is not one of the most effective  ways of learning"
 let īs wait for,the natives!!Wink 

23 May 2012     


 "is not effective" is correct as we are talking about the act of learning things by heart

23 May 2012     


put a comma after heart that īs it

23 May 2012     

United States

Grammatically, "which" means "heart" in the original sentence. Mariethe īs rephrasings sound much better to me. Or you could use "memorize" instead of "learn by heart."

23 May 2012     

United States

Actually, "which" refers to the whole clause, so, as naheddarfi said, it just needs a comma. However, I agree that Mariethe īs wordings are clearer.

23 May 2012     

United Kingdom

You guys can īt see the wood for the trees. We learn things by heart, which IS effective.Wink

23 May 2012     


Thanks for everyone .

23 May 2012