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ESL forum > Ask for help > How to Introduce Confusing Words ????    

How to Introduce Confusing Words ????


How to Introduce Confusing Words ????
hello everybody,
Iīm facing a big problem. I have to teach troublesome ( confusing ) words, but I canīt find a way to introduce them to my students. I need an interesting activity as a warm- up.  Plzzzzzzzzzz help!!!
Big Hugs,
P.S. Thanks Tisha for the websites u sent. They were of great help. Sorry, I couldnīt send u a private message since everytime I have this " The user name u sent is not found". I donīt know whatīs the matter???

9 Jan 2009      


Hi Nebal,
Maybe these links can help:

Maybe you can select something and make your own material according to your studentsī needs.

9 Jan 2009     


Hi Nebal,
Donīt worry.
You know thereīs no one way to teach a word.The same word can be taught differently by
different teachers.
First,itīs better to create the need for that word.Then,you may use synonyms,antonyms....
You may also use it in a context or in a clear situation........
Could you possibly send some examples of those confusing words?
We hope we can help.

9 Jan 2009     


Hello again,
Thanks a lot for u guys!!!
Hey , Harim you asked for some examples of  the Confusing words.They are many, such as (affect / effect ), ( lend / borrow ), ( rise / raise) etc............
Thanks again!!!

9 Jan 2009     


Hi again!

For the words lend and borrow,I prefer to create the need by saying,"I want to buy a car but I donīt have enough money.What shall I do? A t least one student will mention the word ībankī.Itīs the right time to supply the words:

I go to the bank to borrow money.
The bank lends me money
After that I may ask a student to lend me something.Then,I ask students to do likewise with each other.
-For affect and effect,I would prefer the synonyms:
The illness has affected (changed))her life and all the medecines didnīt have any effect (result)on her.
-For rise and raise.itīs easier because the former is intrensitive while the latter is transitive.
Wish you a successful career.

9 Jan 2009