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I have a student in my class whose English is very good, she is a native speaker. She grew up in the States till the age 0f 13. Now she is 16 and is bored in the regular English classes.
So I though I might give her assignemnts to do on the Internet. I asked her if she was willing to and she agreed.
Now the only problem is that when I look for assignements I can┤t find anything. I suggested this because I KNEW there are sites where I can find material and let her work on her own in the library during English lessons.
But, as you probably know, when you look for omething specific you don┤t find it???? It has happened to me.....
Please - if any of you know of sites, projects or has any good ideas for me to give this girl , I would appreciate it!!!

9 Jan 2009      


Hi Anatavner,

I know many great websites for English classes but I do not know what kind of assignments are you looking for your student. Can you give me more details, please?

9 Jan 2009     

alien boy

Hi anatavner!

You may want to consider webquests as an assignment form. Here┤s a link to some useful info & hopefully some good sites too. It is important to confirm that all the links work in any webquest you assign - that┤s the main pitfall with that sort of activity.

Total English Webquests

WebQuest Resource Page

If you Google ┤English webquest┤ you┤ll get all sorts of sites coming up. You can always refine your search a bit too.

There are good ones for younger students too, like GrammarWebQuest.

Have a bit of a search, you┤ll find some very good resources quickly - just remember to check them before you assign them. Also avoid anything dependent upon YouTube or similar as links tend to change more rapidly on file sharing sites.


p.s. Webquest.org is also very, very good!

9 Jan 2009     

United States

Hi Anatavner,

Being only 13 - there are millions of books she hasn┤t read yet.
at that age they can read:

Harry Potter
Anne from Green Gables
Charlottes Web
The Outsiders
The Body
The Golden Compass
Down a Dark Hill
The True confession of Charlotte Hill
American and British poetry
The Classics:
Huckelberry Finn
Tom Sawyer
Books by Charles Dickens and Jonathan Swift.

If you have English books at your library you can give
ask her to read one and then make her questions for understanding.

No 13 year old knows all the grammar rules either.
So give her lots of grammar worksheets too.

If you google 7-8th grade reading list - you┤ll get many lists from many
American schools.
These are good books for non-ESL pupils - like your student.

Good luck

9 Jan 2009     


There are "webquest" activities on the right hand side of the screen, you might find something there for a 16 year old.

Also, you might encourage her to do some First Certificate level activities like word and sentence transformations, describing activities, songs, etc.

9 Jan 2009     


Be careful, you will have to mark any tasks you give her.  Unless you have a lot of free time on your hands, you don┤t want to request she reads books because you will also have to read them in order to give her a grade on her assignment.  First if she has only been in Israel for 3 years, them maybe she should be concentrating on improving her Hebrew.   I usually tell my mother tongue pupils that they have to do the work the class is given because they will have to sit for tests.  If they are bored they can read a book for enjoyment.  If you want to give her assignments find course books which have teacher┤s guides with answers that you can copy for her to check herself and once in a while collect work from her so she can get feedback.

9 Jan 2009     


I want to thank all of you that gave me such wonderful ideas.
To eng789 - I have lots of work, therefore I prefer to check things such as projects (small ones) and work pages.  Thanks for the thinking about me and only about my student.
To urpillay - I was thinking about literature, some grammar and general topics such as music,art, environment etc.

9 Jan 2009