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Help me to find some websites about ...

Amna 107
United Arab Emirates

Help me to find some websites about ...
Hi teachers and friends,
I need your help to find information to help me write an essay.
"Some literacy acquisition theorists suggest that literacy acquisition is similar to oral language acquisition. They say that learning to read and write is a natural process that needs very little instruction; that if books and writing utensils are put in front of students, they will begin to read and write with little instruction".
Actually, I disagree with this statement, but I couldn´t find websites about this topic.
Can you please help me find some websites that suggest that literacy acquisition is not that simple, and that it needs a lot of instructions and techniques?
Thanks in advance

9 Jan 2009      


I was in the States last week and I saw a program about, "Your baby can read",  and saw little kids reading.  Checkout the site, you might be amazed.

9 Jan 2009     

Amna 107
United Arab Emirates

Thank you very much for the website ^_^
A lot of amazing information about teaching children to read early, bu actually I was looking for a website that suggests that oral language is easier to acquire.
But this is really a good site and contains a lof of amazing information.
Many thanks :)

9 Jan 2009     

alien boy

Hi Amna 107.

You may find the following pdf (linked) interesting - it is an extract from the ´Journal of Child Language´

This one from MIT is very interesting too.

and lastly, this web page may get you thinking a little too!

My impression is that learning to read involves more structured input than acquisition of oral language because reading involves abstract symbols that have a culturally consistent meaning & require visual input. These symbols need to be integrated with the child´s developing personal schema. While written language & oral language do influence each other, oral language is developed through continual stimulus input outside of the child´s control. Written symbolism & meaning must be associated with cultural meaning for clear communication to occur.

Just a few rambling thoughts...

Good luck!

p.s. sign language & braille reading like skills are also very interesting areas in language learning technique too. Did you know ´signing´ is as natural as ´speaking´ for people?

10 Jan 2009     

Amna 107
United Arab Emirates

Hello alien boy,
Thank you very much for the links. I will have a look at them and I hope they will be helpful for me to write the essay.
Thanks for writing your own thoughts about the topic. I may use some of your thoughts too!
Many thanks

10 Jan 2009