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Pronunciation for adults


Pronunciation for adults
My student cannot distinguish between sounds/s/ and /ʃ/, e.g. he pronounces the word ´wash ´ with sound /s/ at the end.
Could you help me with some ideas on how to teach the difference? I ask him to repeat different pairs with above mentioned sounds, but it doesn ´t seem to work...
What else can you do? Do you know any handouts that I could use that do not look like they were designed for very young learners?
Thank you!!

10 Jul 2012      

Czech Republic

Is there any /ʃ/ sound in his mother tongue?
Young kids are usually good at imitating... Don ´t give up! How about writing silly rhymes? Nonsense or funny nursery rhymes?
How about onomatopeia words?
This "sh" sound might be a sound of a steam engine / historical train, the sound of moving sand / snow, sliding sound, wind ...
The s sound might be hissing sound of a snake, whining windstorm, sound of hot water ...
Whenever the kid makes a mistake, point to a picture of... (steam engine / snake) to indicate the correct sound...

--sh words: cash, dash, dish, fish, hush, Josh, lash, mash, push, rash, rush, wash, wish
--ss words: boss, fuss, Jess, kiss, lass, mess, miss, moss, pass, piss, puss, toss

try this website:  http://www.morewords.com/

10 Jul 2012     

Czech Republic

Easy words ending in s:
bus, gas, yes, boss, the Alps, arms, beds, bags, cups, cars, dogs, eggs, ...

How about 2 paper lolipops with a picture of a steam engine and a snake.
The kid raises the "lolipop" according to the sound s/he hears...

10 Jul 2012     

United States

I like the sentence: "Shhhh, the baby ´s sleeping."
(with emphasis on the "shhh" of course)

11 Jul 2012     


Greetings from Greece,

11 Jul 2012