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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > on/ in the mountains/ mountain?    

on/ in the mountains/ mountain?


on/ in the mountains/ mountain?
Dear Teachers
I have a question that i would like your help. I am wondering if we use in the mountain/ in the mountains/ on the mountains/ on the mountain.
Thank you very much

12 Aug 2012      

United Kingdom

It really does depend on the context. All would be OK, depending on the meaning you want to convey.
In the mountain=inside the mountain.
On the mountain =on top of a mountain
in / on the mountains . These have similar meanings e.g. He got lost in (or on) the mountains. However, if you were talking about snow-capped mountains, you d have to say there was snow on the mountains. As I say, it all depends! Hope this helps.

12 Aug 2012     

United States

I agree with Lynne on everything except "on the mountains". Maybe it s a BE/AE thing, but here we wouldn t say "He got lost on the mountains". We would definitely say "There was snow on the mountains", though.

12 Aug 2012     

United Kingdom

Bruce is right on that point; my mistake. He got lost in the mountains is correct. This means in the area/region of the mountains. So, either, he got lost on the mountain , meaning one particular mountain, or he got lost in the mountains . By the way, it s not likely to happen to me, I love mountains, but only on postcards! 

12 Aug 2012     


Hi,, good explanaitions ..thank you all of uThumbs Up

12 Aug 2012