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Clipart - What to Buy?


Clipart - What to Buy?
Hello friends,

I am finally going to break down and buy a CD of clipart for the classroom. The problem is I don īt know which one is better - they all look a bit daunting - 400,000 pictures, 250,000 artwork, etc...

Some CDs look good but talk about "pictures" and so on and I am really not that sure what that refers to - pictures as in photos or as in clipart.

Any suggestions? What company is best to go with for what we do here?

Thanks in advance,


15 Aug 2012      


Hello Linda!
I bought mine on Ebay (I think!). I use them a lot (some of the CDs are actually scratched now and I cannot get some of the cliparts! LOL) On these 7 CDs (I paid something like 20 euros), there are cliparts, illustrations, photos, etc.
My piece of advice: Try to buy a set that is not too expensive so that you won īt have too many regrets! Wink (You īll see that these sets are cheaper on Ebay than on Amazon)

15 Aug 2012     



I suggest you buy sets of what you need at that moment. There are some sites selling sets at USD1.00 or less with 10 or more pictures - instant download.

Most of them use PayPal checkout, the safest for online purchases.

Read the license before purchasing, most of them are free for personal and non-profit use, others require a speceial license for resellers.

You īll find banners directing to other online clipart stores.

Hope it helps!

Have a nice day!

Zailda Coirano

15 Aug 2012     


I bought a few of these CDs in the past, only to be disappointed.

While some boast as many as half a million pictures and clip art, I found the majority to be totally useless. I mean, who needs 300 pictures of bread or cars? Because that is what you īll probably find. Although the number of pictures stated on the CDs is correct, they fail to mention that many of them are very much alike.

BTW, many of these collections have both clip art and photos. That could be what pictures refers to. 

I find the internet the best resource when I need visuals. These collections of multiple CDroms are also cumbersome to use. Imagine yourself looking for a picture of a picnic only to find that youīve got seven CDs and have no idea under what category you need to look nor on which CD. I think CDs and CDroms are on the way out anyway. The machines I use donīt even have a CD drive anymore.

Good luck anyway.

15 Aug 2012