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looking for an oral comprehension


looking for an oral comprehension
I īm struggling to find an oral comprehension for my young learners aged 11. I īd like to find a dialogue with : what īs your name?How old are you? What īs your nationality? Where do you live? and the corresponding answers. I īve been on the internet all afternoon long and I haven īt found anything. The dialogues are always too difficult. Thaks in advance.

23 Aug 2012      


Since I think that you are looking for authentic listening material, it is possible that all the dialogues you find will seem too difficult for your students. So why don īt you try giving them the dialogue (even if you think it īs difficult) and have them do simpler tasks on it?
Foe example, you can use this video and ask your students to jot down where each speaker is from, or what they like most/least about London.
Hope I īve helped!

23 Aug 2012     


Almost back to work,aren īt you? (and so am I by the way)
You can try this http://www.esl-lab.com/ in the basic listening quizzes section, you should be able to find something suitable for 11 year olds. Hope, it will help.

23 Aug 2012     


Hi Steph , have a look here:
You can find a lot of audio files , some  are with worksheets . They from level A1 to B2 or more .
Bye , and enjoy the few days left .

23 Aug 2012     


Is this what you need?

23 Aug 2012     


Thanks a lot!!!!!! I īve found exactly what I was looking for...If I had known, I would have sent that message earlier!!Thanks again guys!!!

23 Aug 2012     


well, I didn īt ask for anything but the sites you gave are great, marked them as favourites. Thank you very much.

23 Aug 2012