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ESL forum > Teaching material > Round the Corner 6ème Class CD (Bordas)    

Round the Corner 6ème Class CD (Bordas)


Round the Corner 6ème Class CD (Bordas)
Dear French colleagues,

Does any of you happent to know where I could find the MP3 for Round the Corner 6ème?

I could find the 1st Unit and the Student CD online and that ´s it...

That would be really helpful!

Have a nice last week of freedom Big smile

24 Aug 2012      


 Hi steelcity,I ´m extracting them in my dropbox and I send the link to you.        

24 Aug 2012     


Hello Domif and Steelcity,

I ´ve just sent a link to Steelcity for the audio files. Would you like to share our ressources?
See you.

24 Aug 2012     


TOO BAD !!!!
Hello Nanette and steelcity! I ´ve just been spending quite 2 hours trying to extract the files from the 3 CDs!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad!!! Anyway I can send the link now if somebody else needs the CDs . HUGS

24 Aug 2012     


If the link is still online, I would be very interested to have it, I can ´t find my own copy anymore.
Thanks a lot

11 Mar 2013