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ESL forum > Ask for help > Is Australia in your news?    

Is Australia in your news?


Is Australia in your news?
Hi everyone
Further to my post here (and thank you everyone who replied to the post and by PM), could you tell me if Australia is currently featuring in your news for anything at the moment?
Iīm thinking of focusing the international stories on the effect/impact of Ozzies overseas, whether it be people like Julian Assange (wiki leaks), topics such as Australia being a leader in climate change, Australian drug dealers in overseas prisons (Schapelle Corby, The Bali 9 + more), Australian military on overseas operations (Afghanistan), etc.  These are all current and controversial here but I donīt know if Australia gets much of a mention in other countries.
Interested to see responses.
Thanks and cheers

24 Aug 2012      

Mariethe House

I am posting my link again . I don īt know why it wouldn īt work on your last postConfused
As for your question about Australia, I know lots of French youngsters want to travel to Australia and work there for some time. they think theyīre going to find a job easily to allow them to pay for their travelling expenses.
Anyway I found an article on young British students who want to go to Australia to find a job there. Here it is


24 Aug 2012     


Hey there again :)

I am afraid to say that aside from Mr. Wikileaks, there isn īt that much international news about Australia at the moment. (I īm guessing the same goes for Canada or even the UK elsewhere).

Believe it or not, we only hear about Australian wildfires, cute koala stories, some immigration scandals in the past or maybe Mark Webber from F1. Kinda sad actually.. and btw, I didn īt even realize Mr. Wikileaks was Australian!!

So much info technology - yet so little information on the world around us. I think that 40 years ago people knew what was going on in the world better than they do now. Only the scandals hit the news - and even then, if it īs not a some white dude caught with a child prostitute in Singapore or a mass killing of students somewhere, then it isn īt news.

I do wish that the media would publish more interesting human interest stories and cheerful, optimistic stuff than all the doom and gloom and negativity.

24 Aug 2012     


Here, in Portugal,  Australia isn īt often in the news. It seems yours is a very peaceful country and so it doesn īt call the attention of the media. Perhaps if there was a little more blood, disasters and guns ( just kidding!!!!!!) we would have more news about you. 
However, we tell about your country to our students mainly when we īre talking about multicultural societies. we often say Australia is great because of its diversity and the people are very tolerant.

24 Aug 2012     


@Lynda: look at one of our news service īs website here

BTW did you know that Australia was nominated the happiest country by the OECD?

24 Aug 2012     

United Kingdom

There īs not much at the moment in England and when there is, it īs usually in relation to sport or the Queen. The papers made a big deal when the Brits got more Olympic medals than the Aussies. This story got a lot of coverage  http://mailonline.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx 
I īll let you know if anything comes up.

edit - I think you might have to register to access that Daily Mail  link. The story is about a bet between Kate Lundy (Australian sports minister) and an MP here. This is an interview.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-19178004

edit 2. Oh, and we all love Rolf Harris, particularly me. Donīt suppose he does much for teenagers, though.Wink 
Oh, and Clive James (famous broadcaster/TV personality) is in the news at the moment. He has come home to his wife in Oxford, to die - he is seriously ill. He had a long standing affair with a really fabulous looking blond woman. His wife wonīt forgive him and let him back into the marital home. People have been debating about what she should do. 
Iīll keep an eye out for stuff, Jayho. 

24 Aug 2012     


Thanks for your help everyone

27 Aug 2012