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I īm doing a substitution on a technical english course To introduce students to the theme of biographies I asked them to search the Net and find biographies of inventors that the consider interesting.
My idea is that once all students have chosen a biography in particular, I īll exchange them and they īll have to produce a paragraph in Spanish about the main events in that biography.
My question is... What procedure would be more convenient? Email biographies to be translated and set a time limit to hand in a written work? Ask them to work in pairs ...let them select a biography from the ones they previously sent me....and create a powerpoint with the information they got from the biography? I īm new using this type of activity Any help would be appreciated
P.S Students are 16 year old About 12 boys and 2 girls

26 Aug 2012      


I think that it would be nice if they read some of the biographies and then you enhance them to write their own one, based on the material they have already read. There is an activity called the museum of my life which include personal issues that will help them to talk ar write about them. I have the digital worksheet if you īre interested in.

Good luck with your class.

Cayita :)

26 Aug 2012     


Thanks, Cayita I īd like to see the worksheet that you mentioned

26 Aug 2012     


My students did the same activity but not just with inventors. They investigated about famous singers, writers, etc. who died. After the creation of PPT they took the place of the famous characters, using special clothes and speaking about them in first person. It was very funny and students loved this activity.

27 Aug 2012     


thanks, Reina

31 Aug 2012