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This year I am starting to teach art to the very young pupils in the first and second grades (they are 7-8 years old). The catch is that I have to do this lessons in English. Do you have any ideas how it can be done and what I can include into my programme? Maybe you have seen any useful materials somewhere. 

P.S This students start to learn English from the first grade.

Thanks in advance.

Have a nice day!

29 Aug 2012      


 Hi I am responding to your posting
I have just started to consider what i will be preparing with my children in regards to contact with other schools.
Iam also starting to teach art with the aid of the English language in september next term.
I will be working with an experiaced art teacher and will obtain ideas from other art teachers that have been using the english language to teach art for some time.
I have also been working on an art project which I am trying to introduce with schools from around Europe. 
The topic might be peace traditions or some thing else,the project would involve schools painting designing a poster of exsprestion.They would write some thing about it or a poem.Each school that participated would in turn receive the collection of posters to have an exhabition with in there school to raise funds for the school or a charity of there choosing. 
Do you think that any of your students would be interested?.

 I have been working on this web site to help teachers and students obtain a clearer understanding of what we might archive.There have be some very positive responses from countries like,Italy Croatia,Romania,Israel Portugal,Slovenia,,Spain and France so far. 
The time taken to produce a mural can be divided over a period of time and in lunch times too.You could use this project as a reward or insentive builder.
You can view our school here. 

If I can help you with any other ideas please let me know

and here 


The info about the project European youth murals can be found at the web sit below along with other page headings at the bottom of each page. 



I hope that you like what you find and look forward to reading your responce.



29 Aug 2012     



I think you should start with basics like mixing colours btw it would be a great language activity:
"Add yellow and blue and you get green"
or drawing rainbows...
Nicholas is right about consulting an art teacher, but always remember: your instructions in English must be simple and clear. The more routines you´ll have, the easier it´ll be for your ss.

29 Aug 2012     

United States

There ´s a couple of ideas here that incorporate art into esl activities

31 Aug 2012