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passive voice


passive voice
Hello everybody, I would like to know if can tell me some ideas to introduce the passive voice for beginner students, thanks and regards.

30 Aug 2012      

United Kingdom

Hi Roxibella. I don t usually broach the passive voice until my students are at a good intermediate level;  it s quite an advanced thing. If you need to do it, there are many good ws on this site. 

As a starting point, you could ask for 3 volunteers to come to the front of the class. Using a simple sentence, get them to stand in the correct order, each holding a word. e.g. Marco / made / the dinner. Then, ask them to swap their order, so that the st holding the Marco card is at the end. Work up until you have the dinner was made by Marco. Supply the extra cards. Emphasise the importance of by with this formation. Then, more simple sentences and volunteers. 

31 Aug 2012     


You could also use this ppt for Simple Present or this one for all tenses
Greetings from Greece,

31 Aug 2012     


Check here.

31 Aug 2012     

Mariethe House


31 Aug 2012     


Have a look at this I found -it s ideas for teaching grammar and grammar mechanics .Its in a pdf format, http://www3.d93.k12.id.us/media/CMSImport/875D40093C324FD097DCD9C8CDE6B361.pdfbut there are some good ideas , but if you look on page 44, it deals with ideas for teaching active and passive. 

I usually do this to introduce it. I walk into the class and drop something and make a big issue of it and get a student to pick it up and then write up the sentence on the board first the active form and then passive and diagnose it and so they discover it for themselves and can try it out in pairs . e.g: 

Ms. _________ dropped her book. [active]. Elicit from Ss -who [by whom ]and what was dropped -I have also in the past printed a picture of myself and a picture of a book and stuck them on top of the words. Then pull off the pictures and place them below this sentence and put gaps for the missing words e.g:
The _______  _______dropped _____ Ms. __________. -see if ss can work it out and you can follow with the student who picked it up etc....then go into a general one where it isn t necessary to use an agent.
I hope this is clear and that the link is helpful too.

1 Sep 2012     


thank you all of you :) for your ideas I appreciate very much .

8 Sep 2012