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Can someone please tell how I can contact The ADministrator of the Site?
The problem is my contributions arenīt getting approved even though I havenīt broken any rules, Iīve just made an online exercise the daybefore, with a videosong from youtube, and a gap filling exercise on the lyrics, to do after the listening. It was not approved, for no reason at all I find this very unfair.
Thanks in advance

3 Sep 2012      


You can send Victor a pm here.
It could be the time thing when the date changes and it is tomorrow and then your OE appears on the OE īs page.
Did you get a message that it wasn īt approved?
Or maybe no one checked it to rate...
Just guessing...

3 Sep 2012     

Anna P

Dear Lunaro,
OEs are approved (or not) by members who take the time to evaluate them - and not many people do. Even less leave a comment.  Yesterday I checked them late at night and all had 0 comments, which is not very encouraging for the authors. Victor has nothing to do with your work not being approved.  My only suggestion would be to try again.
If you make an online exercise, you īll get points  according to other users ī ratings:
- Average rating 5: you will get 10 points
- Average rating 6: you will get 20 points
- Average rating 7: you will get 30 points
- Average rating 8: you will get 50 points
- Average rating 9: you will get 100 points
- Average rating 10: you will get 150 points
- Average rating under 5: the contribution is not approved and will be removed
 PS: By the way, EVERYBODY, why not make it a habit of evaluating OEs before checking todayīs free contributions?  

3 Sep 2012     


anybody can tell me why i can send my contribution? it says 500 error or 401 error
or it says that the web said is in reparation please
help me plese
i want  sen it it īs urgent

4 Sep 2012