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ESL forum > Ask for help > any new ideas to help students differentiate between d and b ?    

any new ideas to help students differentiate between d and b ?


any new ideas to help students differentiate between d and b ?
That time of year again...first few lessons with my 4th graders..
And again there they are, the students who mix up between d and b
I know the bed trick, the thumbs up hands together trick, and the trick where you show that you can make a capital  B from a little b ......
Does anyone have any fresh tricks??
And what about q and p ?

3 Sep 2012      


Hi Marion,


3 Sep 2012     



Teach children b-e-d to help them remember which way the little b and d go.


Hold your hands like this, and imagine an e in between them, and youve got the word bed.




3 Sep 2012     


Thanks so much! So useful :)

3 Sep 2012     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Marion and Victoria

Nice to hear from you.

I  am completely uselessl in this matter, but I have to say that I had no idea this "thing" could be that difficult. My students arrive to my hands in a later step, I have never had this difficulty ... teaching what seems so clear. 

Teaching very young kids, I think, is a very, very difficult task.

Wishing you a very peaceful and rewarding school year.Smile I m starting tomorrow, only teachers meetings.



3 Sep 2012     


That type of confusion is also efficiently treated by speech therapists. If the problem occurs too frequently, I think you should advise these students to have a check up done by a speech therapist.

3 Sep 2012     

class centre

Hi there! I also used to have that difficulty. What helped a lot is the following - when I pronounce B i first close my mouth and show them the line it makes . They also trace the line of their mouths with their finger. Then I give out  the sound to complete the presentation and point that my mouth has made a circle!!! Look - line ( mouth closed) circle ( lips opened) They repeat several times  after me. It really helped. The same thing with D - but first circle then line... Besides, I have all my letters displayed on the wall under the ceiling of the class. So in case of hasitating the st just looks up and makes the right choice.
Hope it will help. 

4 Sep 2012     

Pinky Makus


4 Sep 2012