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Feelings and emotions.

Russian Federation

Feelings and emotions.

  Dear teachers, I need your help. I found the song for young children but I ´m confused because it ´s about feelings. It says: "I ´m good, I ´m great, I ´m wonderful..." Can we use wonderful to speak about feelings?

One more question is about pronunciation of grandfather (grandfather - granfather)- in some dictionaries I found the rule that we omit d, in other dicitonaries we still pronounce - d but not in words like grandmother, grandson. Any help will be useful. 

4 Sep 2012      



Maybe it refers to the character trait:) something like selfhypnosis:)
I am a good person, a great person, I am a wonderful person:)

4 Sep 2012     


The ´d ´ can be pronounced in grandmother. I pronounce the ´d ´, but it ´s only just heard. It could be a regional difference.   http://www.thefreedictionary.com/grandmother
Words are often used in songs that we wouldn ´t use in the same way when speaking, but we can use wonderful if we are exaggerating, or in a motivational way as Sophia mentioned.
If someone asks, ´How are you? ´ we would not say ´wonderful ´ in the same way as ´very well ´.
We can feel wonderful about something good which has or is going to happen.
I feel wonderful. I just won a million dollars!

4 Sep 2012     

Russian Federation

Thank you ueslteacher and Apodo for your help. Now I can share my knowledge with other teavhers. Have a nice day!

5 Sep 2012