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A similar website?

Czech Republic

A similar website?
Hyia, could anyone help me? Do you happen to know if there is a similar site to eslprintables, but with worksheets for more advanced levels? There are not many ws for intermediate+ Ss and not much for exam preparation here.

12 Jan 2009      


Hi Renca,
I don┤t know a place like this for intermediate+ or advanced students but maybe these sites can help you a bit:
1. This site contains Lesson Plans about current events with exercises http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/
2. In this site you will find videos with quizzes, you can choose one or create another one (high intermediate) http://www.eslvideo.com/quiz_int3_start.php There are many for several levels.
3. If you have access to the net this games can be useful for advanced learners:
4. In this one you will find readings for upper-intermediate and advanced students with vocabulary and comprehension quizzes http://www.englishclub.com/reading/short-stories.htm
5. And for learning phrasal verbs with videos you can use the phrasal verbs video dictionary: http://web.li.gatech.edu/~rdrury/600/oral/video/dictionary.html
I hope these resources are useful for you!!!

12 Jan 2009     


Hi Renca,
This is just to confirm that advanced materials are  indeed missing here, and most of the times what is presented as being "advanced" is in fact intermediate or upper intermediate at most
I use various resources, web sites in particular (bbc learning.com, british council.com with a lot of audio materials), English for students.com, english page.com ... among many others.....  and  also books like "market leader-advanced" for business English and "the language leader -advanced" for general english....
Hope these hints will help

12 Jan 2009     

alien boy

Hi renca!
it┤s a very useful site for more advanced esl related stuff.

13 Jan 2009     


Hi all, Renata, I don┤t know if you┤re familiar with the Common European Framework.  The advanced levels are C1 and C2. This framework is fast becoming the level which is being used all over Europe. I realise that here we┤re professionals from all over the world so the same criteria doesn┤t hold, but surely we as professionals can reach an agreement as regards levels. I, for one, have no idea when people talk about grades. In Spain pupils go from 1 (six years) to 6 and then begin 1 ESO, secondary, to 4 ESO (16 years). When people talk about 8th grade I get lost! Could we decide on a level which everybody can understand? The Common European Framework works for me as it goes from 7 to 100, but I totally understand that this might not work for everybody. All ideas are welcome!

13 Jan 2009