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ESL forum > Ask for help > Help - Movie meet the parents    

Help - Movie meet the parents


Help - Movie meet the parents
Hey guys, can you help me with some problems.

I was watching the movie Meet the parents with Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro, and I am preparing a lesson out of it.

It happens Ben Stiller is a nurse and he says he is tired because of this. "I did CPR on a 300 pound crack head today" 

Crack head, does it mean the guy had a fractured head or he is a crack user? Or none of them?

When Teri Polo meets her fater after a long time they greet themselves using pancake and flapjack. What do they mean?

After Teri Polo īs father was talking to Ben Stiller about Ben Stiller īs car:

We were going to get the mid size but I figured pulling down decent bucks might as well go all out and pop for the full size. 

I got the idea, but could you help me with synonyms for the words in bold.

I appreciate your help!

If the information is not enough, the link for the movie is (by the way, great movie!)here: http://www.alluc.org/movies/watch-meet-the-parents-2000-online/20220.html
These parts I mentioned are in the first 12 minutes. Just close the ad and it īs possible to watch for free.

23 Sep 2012      


Crack head means a drug addict on crack.

Pancake and flapjack both mean pancake.  Flapjack is another term.  (We also say hot cakes, griddle cakes.  Americans love pancakes.)
Pulling down decent bucks means making good money.
pop for means spend a lot of money on.
Go all out is hard to explain.  It means going to the extreme, disregarding barriers, going the distance.

23 Sep 2012     

[email protected]

The father calls her PAMcake because her name is Pamela (Pam is her nickname), but as a joke to sound like pancake. She calls him flapjack because his name is Jack.

23 Sep 2012     


Perfect the explanation about paMcake and Flapjack. I am so lazy! #Laura

Thanks Esther.

24 Sep 2012