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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Worksheet about seasons    

Worksheet about seasons

United States

Worksheet about seasons
I don t know if it s allowed what I m doing now, correct me if I do something wrong ;). I just worked on a worksheet about seasons, but it s too big to upload, and it would be a pity not to share it, so if anyone would still like to have it, please send me a pm with your email :)  

Hugs, Sara

21 Oct 2012      


Hi Sara!
Have you tried to reduce the pictures size? It s such a lovely ws to share... I m sure you ll be able to upload it. Smile

21 Oct 2012     


Hello SaraMariam,
You are an experienced user so you probably know about the tutorials section, so have you ever checked those that give tips on how to resize images and save kbs? 
The big size could be caused by images or the background. I once used a fancy background for one of my ws and its size was huge despite the fact that I did resize the pics, so I ended up uploading the ws without the background.

21 Oct 2012     

United States

Thanks you two :) yes I tried some things to resize, but the quality wasn t as great anymore and the pics became a bit blurry, so I prefered to not upload them this way. I know other methods too, but they just need way too much time (and I m lazy I admit :p)
But no problem, I m not really here for the points ;), would just be a waste not to share it one way or the other :) Thanks again Hug

21 Oct 2012     


Dear Sara,

your work is really nice. Please send the worksheet to: [email protected]

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice Sunday and a great week

Hugs Ines from Germany ;)

21 Oct 2012     


Hi Sara
It s really nice, perhaps the background makes it so big since I use Phillip Martin clipart and you haven t used lots of pics to make the document that heavy. Try removing the background and uploading it so that we can share your nice poster.
Nice Sunday!

21 Oct 2012