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Halloween hangman:

Halloween Quiz:
Have fun!

21 Oct 2012      


Some more Halloween resources:
A witch craft and my favourite game:

Amaze your students with this trick.

Whar youll need

  • Paper
  • Pen or marker

How to play

  1. The trick: Place 3 identical blank pieces of paper on a table. Turn to a student and say: "Think of a word you learned today, but don t say it aloud. I m going to read your mind and write down the word."

  2. Write on a piece of paper and, without letting anyone see what you ve written, fold the paper, then instruct the thinker to say the word aloud. Now repeat the process with another word,  another  student thinks, you write, then the thinker reveals the number and finally with a color, telling the thinker to choose either red or green. Now give the 3 papers to another student to read aloud. Your students friends will be awed by your psychic abilities!

  3. How it s done: When you pick up the first piece of paper, don t write down the word, as the student assumes you are. Instead, write either "red" or "green." When you pick up the second piece of paper, don t write the 1st word; write the word that the student just revealed. Lastly, on the third piece, write down the 2nd word that was just revealed. If you follow this technique, you ll get 2 out of 3 predictions right every time, and all 3 half the time. Either way, you ll look seriously cool. The only drawback: you ll never again be able to use the excuse, "I can t read your mind, you know!"

    Greetings from Greece,                                                                                                                                   papadeligames

21 Oct 2012     



21 Oct 2012