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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Magic trick!    

Magic trick!


Magic trick!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up! In this magicianīs version of I Spy, you read your studentsī minds to discover the chosen flashcard. Just enlist the help of a discreet assistant  and get ready to wow the crowd.

Print your flashcards on different colours. Tell your audience to choose one of the flashcards but not the ghost.

Leave the room so the audience can select a particular flashcard.
When you return your assistant begins pointing to different flashcards in the classroom one by one, asking "Is it a ...?" Concentrate on each thing for a moment before saying "No" — or "Yes" when he points to the chosen item.
The Secret: Ahead of time, instruct your assistant to point to the ghost immediately before pointing to the selected object.
And remember, a magician never reveals her secrets!
Greetings from Greece,

22 Oct 2012      



I`ll try it next week!

Thanks a lot!

22 Oct 2012     


Poor students! LOL 
If I tried it with my students, I couldn īt choose only an assistant, because each of them would like to help me. So I īd have to reveal the secret...Smile

22 Oct 2012