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Hi dear friends
Once more I need your help.
1- Is it correct to say " a large bus"? Can we use another adjective.
2- are these sentences correct:
- Today I came to school with my mommy and Vera by bus" 
or better  this one: "today Mommy, Vera and I came to school by bus"
- "My mom painted my nails" or "my mom did my nails" 
- "My daddy is outside the school" or outside school"

9 Nov 2012      

United States

"A large bus" is perfectly fine. You can use most synonyms for large or small, color adjectives, shiny, noisy, modern, ancient, etc. There are many adjectives you can use to describe a bus.

In writing for number 2, I prefer "Today I came to school with my mommy and Vera by bus (or on the bus)." In speaking, both are fine. For the second in writing, I would add a couple of commas: "Today, Mommy, Vera, and I came to school by bus." The first comma I added emphasizes the pause needed to show that the child is saying that Mommy came to school and not that the child is talking to Mommy. The second comma I added is optional, but I prefer to use it.
Either "My mom painted my nails" or "My mom did my nails" is fine. Painted is more specific; did might just mean cleaned and filed, or even put on acrylic nails.
And finally, I definitely prefer "outside the school."

9 Nov 2012     



10 Nov 2012     

United States

MoodyMoody, I disagree with you about the comma after Today. We use a comma to separate a noun of address, so adding one there actually makes it so the child is talking to Mommy, rather than about her. I agree with you that the other option is better.

10 Nov 2012     

Pauline Burke MSc

I would say a big bus, rather than a large bus. I usually only use large when I ´m speaking about a portion size.

On the second one it depends on where the emphasis is. Do you want to make it clear that you came to school with your mum and Vera, or do you want to emphasise that you came by bus?
Today I came to school with my mum and Vera by bus (emphasising ´who´you came to school with,
Today I came to school by bus, with my mum and Vera (emphasising ´how´you came).
Today Mommy, Vera and I came to school by bus (emphasising ´how ´ you all came).
The third sentence suggests that you always go to school with your Mum and Vera.

I prefer outside the school unless you are making a general statement such as "my dad is outside school everyday when I get out".


10 Nov 2012