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Building self esteem

United Kingdom

Building self esteem
Hello friends. A teacher in my department has complained that her year 10 group, (that īs age 14/15, all boys), have got low self esteem, and this is causing behavioural problems. They are mainly pre-intermediate speakers of English. She has asked me how we can tackle it. I am thinking of ordering a book on Amazon, īConfidence Building for Teenage Boys ī, but it īs $25. 

I was thinking - constant praise, certificates of achievement, asking them to make and deliver presentations. Does anyone know of any resources? Or any ideas?  

11 Nov 2012      


I use this web resource http://www.classdojo.com/ .

It īs simple to use, it īs fun and, very important as well, it īs free. 

My students like it. All you need is web access and a computer in the classroom. 

11 Nov 2012     


I read one called "Enhancing self-esteem in the classroom" a couple of years ago. It was very good, the author is Denis something but I can īt remember the surname - I lent the book to someone who didn īt give it back to me :-( 
It may be cheaper than $25 ? Good luck !

11 Nov 2012     


Perhaps you could do drama with them.2 years ago I had a class of 12 pupils with special needs who always thought they were unable to do what they were asked to.I asked them to create a small play (the topic was food)that they would perform in front of the other pupils of the school.At first they said it would be too difficult and a bit frightening to play in front of others.I helped them a lot for the script but what was interesting was to see their positive evolution.They each had a part to play in a restaurant,then at the disco...and I acted as well with them ,which reassured them all.I worked with the help of the music teacher who had prepared the lights,the music..2 days before the performance, the pupils all told me that they wouldn īt come and I was extremely worried because we had worked for about 3 months to prepare the play.(writing-decorating-memorizing.-rehearsing..)Fortunately,they were all here for the show and they all did very well.The audience applauded them,the teachers from other classes went to congratulate them.They were very proud of themselves after that and a lot of them got self-confidence.All the classes talked about them in a positive way.The next year we went to England together :that was a real pleasure.
I know this is a very long and exhausting project because I sometimes had to convince myself that this would work but despite their bad reputation because of their bad results at school,they proved that they had much courage and talent.
I hope this will help you.  Smile

11 Nov 2012     


Do you think motivation would help?



11 Nov 2012     

United Kingdom

Thank you very much, friends. I found all your suggestions and links useful and will pass them on to my colleague. I do think motivation is key, so Sophia, you are absolutely spot on. 
Thanks again friends, for taking the time and trouble, it is much appreciated. 

11 Nov 2012