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Pls help !

Russian Federation

Pls help !
Good evening, friends,

I īd like to to ask if this sentence makes sense to you:
We are intercedeng for Tom to give him the 1st prize.
The idea is that we are kindly asking you to give him the first prize.
How to say it correctly in a formal lt?

13 Nov 2012      



I don īt think the word is appropriate in this context, yet I īm not a native speaker.

I think "appeal" is the word you īre looking for.
We are appealing for first prize to be given to Tom.

Let īs see what the native speakers think.

13 Nov 2012     

United States

Yes, Sophia, what you have is very natural, but "intercede" can work here, too, just not as simply. I īd say "We are interceding for Tom, in hopes that he will receive first prize." (We don īt usually use "the" with a number and an award). The reason it needs to be longer with "intercede" is that we intercede for a person, not for an action, while "appeal" is used for an action, as Sophia demonstrated.


13 Nov 2012     

Russian Federation

Thank you, both, Sophia and Bruce, for your quick answers, I found īto intercede for ī in a dictionary but I have never heard or used it before , now I īve got an idea how to write properly, thank you for īfirst prize without an article", I didn īt know that.

13 Nov 2012