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ESL forum > Ask for help > Need information for a research-based press article about the implementation of the CBA    

Need information for a research-based press article about the implementation of the CBA


Need information for a research-based press article about the implementation of the CBA
Hello everybody !
I would like to know if you teach with Competency-Based Approach in your countries. If yes, please tell me the number of classes you teach, the number of students in each class and the number of hours you teach per week. I am preparing a research-based press article in which I will write about the requirements of an effecient implementation of the CBA in teaching English in Algeria. So I need to make a comparison with what happens in other countries ┤ schools.

In Algeria, teachers of English do not teach less than 5 classes. The number of students in each class reaches sometimes 40 and the Algerian teacher does not teach less than 18 hours a week. 

13 Nov 2012      


In France, language teachers (in public intermediate schools) usually have about 6 classes, with about 25 to 30 pupils and teach from 18 to 21 hours. The EEC standards impose on us the competency based approach (5 competences : listening, reading comprehension, writing,  interactive speaking, and presentation (that ┤s when you do a presentation on your own). We have been following this approach for about 5 years). If you look for CEFR information you should be able to find more about it.

http://www.pearsonlongman.com/ae/cef/cefguide.pdf  (p.7 in particular)

13 Nov 2012     

Goreti Ponte


I am from  a group of islands in Portugal called Ašores. Here we also teach on a Competency- Based Approach in order to develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. I  teach 6 classes and the average number of students per class is 24. As it happens in your country I don┤t teach less than 18 hours per week. In fact, I teach 18 to 21 hours hours every week.

Hope this information is useful for your press article.

Good night!

13 Nov 2012     


Thank you so much. These two pieces of information from two different countries will be very useful for my article. I am waiting for more other info to make a broader idea about the CBA in the world compared to my own country. 

13 Nov 2012     


I don ┤t understand how the amount of hours a teachers teaches is relevant. It seems to be much more relevant to see how many hours the students study?
In Israel that varies slightly from school to school. Most classes in Israel have close to 40 kids. In our school we have smaller groups (up to 16-17) but they have a fewer hours:
2 in third grade, 3 in fourth and 4 in fifth and sixth grade.  Because all the groups in the same grade study at the same time we have 5 English teachers, some of us teach all grades, some only the little ones...

14 Nov 2012     


With Competency-Based Approach, even though it is called learner-centred, teachers have so much to do that they need less hours of teaching, less classes, les students per class. This is not the case with what is now called old-fashioned methods of teaching. (...)

18 Nov 2012