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Christmas skits


Christmas skits
Is it to early? I always get very nervous when I see December approaching.
At our school we always have preformances for parents. It īs easy with older children: they love acting and they can learn their parts at home.
But the young ones need inspiration. They can īt read and I have to teach them their lines during the lessons. Since they īve been learning english for 2 years already, only singing songs sound a bit too simple.
Do you have any ideas or experience to share?
Thank you very much for any suggestion.

19 Nov 2012      


You could choose a well known fairytale to act out.

If you are the narrator the kids get prompts directly from you, and it is all part of the play.

It is a good idea to have another adult to push the correct child onto the stage and remove the ones that are done!

Good luck

19 Nov 2012     


I used this play for my special needs students. I simplified it even more for them. It has lots of repetition.  Santa īs Diet by Philip R
With my students, I said each line, and they repeated it. After a while I didn īt need to prompt so much, but even in the performance they repeated after me where necessary. I made signs which one person held up to show where each scene took place. At Santa īs House, At the sleigh etc. The costumes were just hats for Santa and the elves, and some antlers for Rudolph.
An example:
Rudolph: What do you have for breakfast Santa?
Santa: 12 pieces of toast
Elf 1: 12 pieces of toast!
Santa: 6 eggs
Elf 2: 6 eggs!
My students loved being shocked by Santa īs bad diet. He doesn īt like fruit and vegetables etc. I don īt know if it would be suitable for your students, but we had a lot of fun.
Thankyou Philip R.

19 Nov 2012     


There is a nice singing activity that involves 12 or more students.

The students need to create a modern version of the 12 days of Christmas.

Then on stage they sing it.... Start off with 1 student on stage (the best or most confident singer) They need to hold up their picture of a partridge in a pear tree or an alternative. They sing the first line. They are joined by another student to sing number 2 and so on.. By the end of the song, there are 12 students on the stage. (or any number really)

works well and is incredibly cute to watch.

19 Nov 2012     


Thank you very much. I think I īll use all your suggestions since I have 7 groups to prepare.

20 Nov 2012