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Points etc
Hi everyone,

Basically I want to pitch an idea. I love this site so much and really enjoy a lot of materials here. However, I would like to pitch an alternative to the current points system.

I completely agree with the idea that 30 points should be the minimum to gain access to all the new materials. THowever, I think the policy towards older materials should change. How about after say 100/ 200 points you can get another 30 points per day/week with access to the well established material.

I have around 200 points but often run out of points. What do you all think?


20 Jan 2009      

Mariethe House

what a good idea,! do submit it to Victor! Maybe we shouldnīt be 

20 Jan 2009     

Mariethe House

oops! I clicked before I had time to finish!

We shouldnīt be allowed 30 points a day of old material but 30 altogether on the condition that we go back up to ,say , 200 to be allowed another bunch of30!!

Yes, letīs try something different! Personnally, I donīt download many new materials. I donīt have the time to browse through it all so I only go to the sites I know best and I am very careful not to īspendī too many of my points!

cheers. Mariethe

20 Jan 2009     

Sara Almeida

Yesterday I had 1002 points. Today I only have 983. Why?

20 Jan 2009