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Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

Dear colleagues,

I īd like to share this game idea with you, and also ask you to recommend any similar games (board games) we could use to motivate our ESL students to speak.

I have ordered this one and can īt wait to try it out.
Let me know if you have tried or heard of similar games.

Have a great rest of the week! Thank you in advance.


13 Dec 2012      


Looks interesting and fun. Please let us know how well it works with the pupils. Thanks in advance Thumbs Up

13 Dec 2012     

United States

I use it quite often in my classes to get the students to talk. But my experience is that it is not as much fun as I hoped. It all depends on the students levels and if they are at ease to speak (and if they are comfortable in the class with the other students). For some it īs more of a pain to try to make a story than to have actual fun. 
The character of the students also plays a role. Some understand that the crazier the story, the more fun everybody has and try to make the wildest combinations (those that have much self esteem usually). But some don īt really see it that way and just want to make a "whatever story" just to get through somehow save. And sometimes you have students that are shy to present a "self-invented" story / sentence in front of others, especially if others before them did something extremely funny.

So i really had all combinations, since my students really have all kinds of different characters. It can work supergreat right from the beginning and sometimes they need a little push. If you divide in groups try to divide them into mixed students. The funnier ones with the quiter ones, the good ones with the not so good ones so that everbody can learn from one another. After a while they get used to it and finally get to enjoy the game.


13 Dec 2012     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

Thank you, SaraMariam, for your opinion!
I will definitely keep your advice in mind!

13 Dec 2012     


Life is curious.
Today I ordered this same game- Story cubes online.I īm looking foward to receive them and start playing with my Senior Students!Hope they will like the game!
Thanks for sharing your ideas and experience!

13 Dec 2012     


Do you think this would work for storywriting?  My students like to talk but hate writing!

13 Dec 2012     


EsterLee76: Maybe you can try these writing prompts to motivate your students to write
Next year, I īm planning to organize a magazine or book with the writings of all my students!
I hope you find it useful.

13 Dec 2012     

Russian Federation

That īs my favourite game! Students adore it! You could use it for ages 9 and up. VERY unusual.

And one more:
absolute champion in speech development. there are many ways you can play it.

Oh, yes! this may sound weird, but ordinary MONOPOLY is very motivating in communication. students of all ages adore it and you can īt stop them negotiating at the end of the class!

13 Dec 2012     

[email protected]

Just going by the bit of a page that you posted, it looks great.
I guess, as long as you can get the students NOT TO take their story as a "seroius  English Study", you could get some lovely stories, even from lower levels students.
Thanks for the link.
I will give (buying this game some thought.

14 Dec 2012     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

Thank you everybody for your replies! :-)

I am checking out all the suggestions and they all look so COOL!


14 Dec 2012     


It īs indeed a strange world, as I too bought the game just yesterday Star
I haven īt given it to my students at school yet but my 11 year old son (whom I teach at home) was very interested the moment he saw the game and he has already made up two or three stories without my asking him Wink He īs trying to upload one on Rory īs website just as I īm typing this. 
I don īt expect that much enthusiasm from all my students, but I think it will be a pleasant change to routine anyway.

@Ninon100 these games seem very interesting but I couldn īt find a link in English Cry

14 Dec 2012