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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Caption Contest for the weekend of 14 Dec 2012    

Caption Contest for the weekend of 14 Dec 2012

United States

Caption Contest for the weekend of 14 Dec 2012
Hi All!
Here īs the newest picture for the caption contest.  Please understand that I am not trying to push anytype of religious beliefs on others, I just find the picture funny and it has alot of potential for great captions--that īs where you come in.
I īll be gone for a long weekend, so I īll pick a winner on Tuesday.
Have a great weekend!

14 Dec 2012      

United States

Santa: "Didn īt you get the memo? How exactly do ribs go into decorated cookies?"

Man: "Hey, I just thought, being a man, that you īd like something more substantial! Excuse me for trying to be considerate!"

14 Dec 2012     

United Kingdom

"In thish country, Bud, we eat turkey at Christmash...not pink freakinī flamingosh!"

14 Dec 2012     


No presents for you this Christmas you naughty boy!

14 Dec 2012     


santa :listen buddy ! it takes too much red to make a santa!!(pointing to the tie as in the picture)A red tie is NOT enough!

man   :my socks ARE red tooo!!!!

14 Dec 2012     


 Santa=Hey lad!!! can īt you wait for Christmas to get your share of presents ???

Man in black suit= What???? Wait!!!! Are you nutts ???? don īt you know the world will end in December 21st

14 Dec 2012     


You īre nicked mate - Saint Nicked

14 Dec 2012     


Santa : How do you dare take the last packet of my favourite biscuits ?
Man : I don īt know what you īre talking about !
Santa: you donīt fool me! Give me the pink box right away!

14 Dec 2012     


Hey!  I told you -- "No Meat".  Wait a sec.  Isn īt that my bag?

14 Dec 2012     

United States

Pull that hand back Santa if you want to keep all your digits!!!

14 Dec 2012     


Santa: You Angry Censored!!!!!!!! 
My  kids  say  they  saw  you  kissing  Mrs. Santa under  the  mistletoe Angry

The  man: Well dear Santa I was just  returning  a  favour. You  were smoooching  my  Mrs.  last  Christmas. 

16 Dec 2012     

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