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ESL forum > Ask for help > What is happiness?    

What is happiness?

Russian Federation

What is happiness?
Dear colleagues!
I badly need your help!!
My students and I are making a research on the topic: 
What is happiness?
Would you be so kind to answer our questions, we ll add it to our research:
>What is happiness?
>What does it mean to be happy?
>What do you need to feel happy?
>Where can we get happiness?
>The ways to make life happier are:
>Are you happy?

thank you beforehand.


21 Dec 2012      


Hi! Smile

Happiness is the peace of spirit.
Being happy means to see how bright the sky is.
To feel happy I need good thoughts, ideas. Not the gloomy and depressed ones.
Personally, I can get happiness from the feeling of God.
To make life happier, never give up, break down. All the time be strong, help yourself and people. 

Life is difficult all the time. But I know that everything in life is valuable. So I am happy. 

One more, İf someone wants to have a nice, luxurious house. Don t say my house is not luxurious. Remember the homeless people who sleep out in rainy day. 

21 Dec 2012     


As far as I m concerned these are my answers:
>What is happiness?  Knowing that your loved ones are safe and healthy.
>What does it mean to be happy?  Peace of mind - good health!
>What do you need to feel happy?  Just to see my loved one happy is enough for me.
>Where can we get happiness?  You can t "get" happiness - you just feel it or not!
>The ways to make life happier are: to give and not always wait to receive - whether we talk about giving love or material things.
>Are you happy?  Oh, yes I am and I know I m very lucky!  I can t help feeling for all the poor and lonely people in the world especially at this time of the year!  Or for those sick or dying!

21 Dec 2012     


21 Dec 2012     

South Africa

1.   To have Peace in your heart. 

2.  To be content with yourself and your circumstances.

3. Nothing...that is the beauty of it.

4. God.

5. Serve and consider others better than yourself.

6. On my way...you have to work it!

21 Dec 2012     

maryse pey

1) Happiness is feeling happy to be oneself.
2) Happiness means keeping hope even in the worst situation : even in the darkest black there is a small flame always lit.
3) To be happy I need a twittering bird, a smiling child, a song I love and sometimes being alone with myself.
4) We can get happiness in a living house (I mean where you can actually feel life), in bright nature, in a forest, near a clear lake, in true light (sunlight, moon light)
5) The ways to make life happier : OPEN our minds, definitely chase hypocrisy and unfair greediness as well as false ambition, applaude others happiness and DARE sharing !
6) If I am happy ? Yes, I am despite I have been knowing some troubles. Why am I happy ? I have been married for 33 too short marvelous years and I have wonderful and TRUE friends. I am happy when I see my students proud to have improved and when they become addicted to knowledge.
By the way MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you !

21 Dec 2012     


I would say the closest thing to happiness is inner satisfaction with everything around and, which is more difficult to attain, with oneself. Love for life as it is, amor fati. Kafka said it well: it s not you, it s the world.

21 Dec 2012     


1. Happiness for me is made up of small and short moments. Happiness means feeling well in general, with yourself and with others.
2. Being happy means feeling well with yourself in spite of everyday problems or even more general problems everybody has to face. Having problems means you are alive.
3. To be happy you dont really need to much. Good friends, a nice family. Nice people surrounding you, but above all, you need to be well with yourself.
4. Everywhere. Anywhere.
5. To act according to yourself, to what your heart, or head, tells you to act.
6. Im happy. Because happiness to me, as i said before, is made up of short moments in life. Im especially happy when im teaching. When i have some free time to spend with my family or friends. When i am with my 18-months-old niece. When i am reading a good book. When im watching a funny film .....
Hope it helps.
Merry Christmas to all of you.

21 Dec 2012     

Peter Hardy

Lovely to read all those lovely ideas on happiness.  Life is a challenge, indeed, so we need the right attitude to overcome these challenges (some call them problems).  In short, to me happiness is an attitude.  Be happy.  :-)

21 Dec 2012     


sometimes I think the search for happiness makes people unhappy

happiness is a word that makes me very uneasy because the concept seems to be too perfect, too hard to reach, and leaving too much room for frustration

contentment is something I much prefer aiming for

22 Dec 2012