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ESL forum > Ask for help > I need you help again)))    

I need you help again)))

Russian Federation

I need you help again)))
How would you call a young teacher who has just graduated from a university and started his teaching career? Would it be impolite to call him "GREEN"?

22 Dec 2012      


I would consider green impolite..How about fledgling, novice or rookie.?

22 Dec 2012     


A new graduate

22 Dec 2012     

Pauline Burke MSc

I would consider green impolite as well. There are sayings in Ireland "green as cabbage" and "I am not as green as I am cabbage looking".

How about "first-year teacher" or "postgraduate teacher". 
Why do you have to label people anyway? A teacher is a teacher!

22 Dec 2012     

Russian Federation

No, I ´m talking abot myself)))) (I need to write about my first years at school) I didn ´t mean to offend anybody.

22 Dec 2012     

United Kingdom

Then I would use ´novice´. If you are writing about silly mistakes you made, you could label yourself ´green ´, or ´wet behind the ears. ´  just for your info, a first year teacher in England is referred to as a newly qualified teacher, shortened to NQT. 

22 Dec 2012     

Russian Federation

Thank you for all your help)))
You are very supportive! 

22 Dec 2012     


how about a rookie?:)


22 Dec 2012     


I like novice and rookie.  I would use "green" too but I ´m from New York and we ´re very sarcastic.  You might want to avoid it.

22 Dec 2012