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Need help with this ....


Need help with this ....
Please I ´m writing a text for my thesis...but I ´m getting a little crazy beacuse I don ´t know how to translate this part in English......

Esta investigación está orientada fundamentalmente a determinar la relación que existe entre la formación desempeño de los docentes y el rendimiento académico de los estudiantes de matematica y física de la facultad de eduacion de la universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, empleando datos cuantitativos en una realidad concreta. 
Evidentemente sus resultados permitirán aproximarse al conocimiento de la situación real de la formación del desempeño del  docente universitario y las condiciones en la que egresan los futuros docentes de matemática y física, y constituirse en una referencia para los futuros trabajos de investigación.

Please if someone can help with this part of my thesis....Thank you very much for make feel a little relaxed :)

Have a nice Thursday :)

10 Jan 2013      

sweet dreamer

Hi Harelaya
I ´m not a SPANISH language speaker but Ive tried using google translator
This research is aimed primarily to determine the relationship between the training performance of teachers and academic performance of students in mathematics and physics faculty eduacion National University of San Marcos, using quantitative data into a concrete reality .
Obviously your results will approximate the actual situation awareness performance training of university teachers and the conditions in which graduate student teachers of mathematics and physics, and become a reference for future research.
Hope it helps.

10 Jan 2013     


I am going into class right now.  I can try to help you tomorrow morning if that ´s not too late.

10 Jan 2013     

United States

I don ´t speak much Spanish, but I can say the Google translation above needs A LOT of work.  I don ´t suggest you use it.

11 Jan 2013     


Thanks a lot my friends!!!!
Have a nice weekend!!! An enormous hug

11 Jan 2013