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Organisation of downloaded worksheets

Terri Lawson
New Zealand

Organisation of downloaded worksheets
I thought I had a reasonably good system of saving downloaded worksheets into various topic folders, but it doesn īt seem to be terribly effective now that I can download up to 30 a day. How do the īveterans ī of this site keep track of all their downloads, please???
Thanks in anticipation,Big smile

15 Jan 2013      

United States

Just because you CAN download 30 worksheets/presentations a day doesn īt mean you should get that many. Step one is to be selective in your daily downloads. Think about what is useful to your students, or in rare cases for you. There are lots of great worksheets about learning colors or children īs songs, but I never download them because I teach adults. If it doesn īt appeal to you or it isn īt nearly ready-to-use or it īs filled with mistakes, let it go by.
Always rename your worksheet files something that tells you what the file is about. That helps a lot, too.
I tend to organize partly by purpose and partly by subject. I put reading, pronunciation, and conversation worksheets in their own folders. I put grammar in a folder and then use subfolders for different parts of speech, and subcategorize verbs by tense. Games such as Taboo or board games go in another folder. I have a Vocabulary folder and then subcategorize by topic, such as Jobs or Health. I have one that has useful information for teaching; I include copy-pasted forum posts in that as well. (I haven īt used OneNote much, and just started using Evernote which is compatible with my tablet. I īve generally used Word for saving that kind of information.)
One thing I probably need to do myself is get rid of things I never use. I have hoarding tendencies, so that īs difficult for me. It sounds like you īre going to need to do that, too.

15 Jan 2013     

Terri Lawson
New Zealand

Thanks for your wonderful advice - I agree that just because I can download 30 worksheets,I shouldn īt, unless I think they"d be useful.LOLLOL I must say that I īve never downloaded that many yet!!!!
As regards getting rid of things, I don īt know that I can - it feels like sacrilege knowing how hard the authors have worked producing them (and I have been careful about what I chose), but I will try.
I am going to copy and paste your reply into Word (and save it on my desktop) right now so I can keep referring to it.
Thanks again

16 Jan 2013     


One folder called ESL Printables and then lots of sub-folders such as īarticles ī, prepositions, etc.
I always make sure I say "thank you ī to the person for two reasons.
a) because I am really grateful
b) It helps me to remember that I have already downloaded it so I don īt do it again.
To help me find it I usually change the label from the number to the title that the contributor gave to help me find it again.

16 Jan 2013