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Help desperately needed

United States

Help desperately needed
Colleagues, I have a great dilemma. I went to a site where I can  make flashcards.
Double-Sided Flashcard
Create great looking double-sided flashcards. The picture will be on the front and your custom title will be on the back.
As you can see by the caption the flashcards will have a picture in the front and the custom title in the back. My problem is that I want the title in the front and the picture in the back!!!! What am I to do????? Please help. Any suggestions are welcome. :-( Ed

18 Jan 2013      


I don īt mean to be silly but what prevents you from using them like they are. Can īt you just turn the cards around???? Or Am I missing something?

18 Jan 2013     


just pretend the front is the back and the back is the front:)

18 Jan 2013     


LOL They don īt have a smiley with tears rolling down it īs face so this one will have to do...
Ed, great to see you on the forum again!!!!!!

18 Jan 2013     


Eeeeeeeeeeeed! Thumbs Up
You are absolutely great!!! Hug

18 Jan 2013     


Fabulous! For a moment, I really thought you were actually desperate.

18 Jan 2013     


LOL Hi Ed welcome back to the forum!

18 Jan 2013     

United Kingdom

This reminds me of a serious incident. I got a new computer, but every time I moved the mouse, the cursor went in the opposite direction!!! I called my friend, a computer expert, none less, and he came round. I had attached the mouse the wrong way round! A five second job! Doh! He still skits me about it, years later. 

Ed, you are great, but I didn īt realise you had been away???

18 Jan 2013     

United States

Hi Lynne. I had been gone for a while. I guess not long enough to be missed. But I missed everyone and couldn īt stay away. Ed

18 Jan 2013     


Thanks Ed.  I had a bad morning and I really needed a good laugh.

18 Jan 2013     

United States

That reminds me of a radio call-in cooking program here in Cincinnati. This actually happened. One day a woman called and said, "I have a recipe that calls for two pounds of graound beef, but the store only has one-pound packages". The host of the program kept her composure and politely replied, "Dear, I think you could buy two one-pound packages".

18 Jan 2013     

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