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Word of the Day!

United States

Word of the Day!
Thanks, Sophia. Here īs a really tough word that doesn īt come from Latin or Greek. I wanted to give you all a real challenge. I will pick a winner by midnight server time on January 30.
The Word of the Day is
Remember, do not give the real definition! Anyone who gives the real definition will be disqualified, unless the definition is really funny. So get cracking, everyone!

29 Jan 2013      


Words that were spoken by Al Gore?

29 Jan 2013     


GORSEDD:  The way a french girl ask for a DD cup corset at the lingerie shop. Big smile

30 Jan 2013     

United States

GORīS -belonging to John Norman īs fantasy world (Gor)
ED- educational (not our beloved Ed!)
"Gorīs educational deficiency" refers to the often sexist (dominant man) relationships portrayed in Normanīs Gor novels.

30 Jan 2013     


Well, actually you might be interested to know that GORSEDD is a word that developed during WWII.  
As you well know, all communication was encrypted so that secret information would not fall into enemy hands. 
Everyone was waiting for the attack on Normandy by the British, Americans and Canadians. 
The resistance movement had made all necessary preparations on their end and they were just waiting for the final date & place. When would the attack take place, and where would the forces land?  Of course all types of misleading information had been leaked out in an attempt to fool Hitler.
Finally, the much awaited information was communicated in the message GORSEDD

The decoders immediately read the message:

G.O. = Gold & Omaha (2 of the landing places)
R = are
S.E. = six June (the only month ending in "e")
D.D = D. Day

And the rest is history!

Since then, GORSEDD has come to refer to any type of attack involving heavy artilliary and can be found in military terminology.

30 Jan 2013     


I think the word refers to a film which contains violence, about which critics have already warned the public. GORE + SAID
e.g. "Let īs go to the movies! īSpongebob version 2.0 ī is on!"
"Are you out of your mind? That movie is GORSEDD!!!"

31 Jan 2013     


People who are gormandised in the  well-nourished GORMANDISEDIA planet.   They overeat sweet and sugary food and make pigs of themselves. So, they lose all their teeth and end up  saying GORSEDD instead of GORMANDISEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31 Jan 2013