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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Word of the Day! Part 2    

Word of the Day! Part 2

United States

Word of the Day! Part 2
You still have a few hours left to post your entries! The word of the day is
There have only been three responses so far; you can find them here. So, come on, what are you waiting for?

30 Jan 2013      

United States

I have been corrected; there were four answers. Although I like the answers I have seen so far, I want more! So I am extending the word of the day until I have received at least 10 responses by different people. So you īre stuck with this word of the day until you respond.

30 Jan 2013     


You seem to be very gorsedd about the lack of further responses MoodyMoody, I guess. I am sorry about it too. I wish you a very gorheppy day anyway!

31 Jan 2013     


It īs code for the Los Angeles Dodgers

31 Jan 2013     

United Kingdom

Dear MoodyMoody,
Although I live in the North, I have long been a Member of an organisation called "Celtic Languages Of The South" (CLOTS).
These Celtic languages are, of course, Breton, (France), Cornish, (England), and Welsh, (Wales).
Scotland, (Gaelic), and Ireland, (Erse), are NOT in the South, so, ipso facto, despite being part of the Celtic family, they are forbidden to join the organisation.  (Our Secretary, Rhys Ap Llewellyn, from Cleck-up-cum-Chorly, Lancashire, is a stickler for Rules.)
The language we are discussing today is Welsh, and the Word is "Gorsedd", or "Gorse DerwydD" (Shortened to GORSEDD = "Druid īs Gorse").
The national flower of Wales is, today, the Daffodil, but in olden times, Florist īs Shops hadn īt been invented.  So, the national flower was gorse, which proudly bloomed on the side of every Welsh valley, hill, and mountain.  It blossomed everywhere and at all times ... in shade, sun, or snow!
Druid īs Gorse was a flower, a bush, a tree, a hedge; a home for wild-life; a fertiliser; a source of nitrogen; a perfume; a medicine; a food, a drink, a fruit, a fuel --- everything!
This spiny, woody, ugly, beauty covered the land.  It was ubiquitous; it was ridiculous; yet it was marvellous!
There is an old Welsh saying, which I have translated for you: "When gorse is out of blossom, kissing is out of fashion".
Les Douglas

31 Jan 2013