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Reporting an Error

Korea, South

Reporting an Error
For the last few days, every time I try to up upload a source to ESL Printables, I get this message: 500 Internal Service Error. It looks likes this: http://eslprintables.com.es/send_printables/uploadprintable.asp

Has anyone else experience this? How can this be solved? 

31 Jan 2013      

Russian Federation

I have the same problem!

31 Jan 2013     

maryse pey


31 Jan 2013     

[email protected]

This error has been reported many times recently.

Unfortunately, there "seems to be" a standard error message that covers a few problems.
This is anecdotal - I am not a tech wizard.

I always get that when my upload is bigger than 500 K, if I remember rightly.
Please check the upload size.

500 k for a printable, 2000 k for a power-point, not sure about other things.

Try the forum... or have you already?

31 Jan 2013     

United States

The system appeared to be down yesterday and part of today. I uploaded a powerpoint yesterday, it took and after an hour it wasn t viewable.  At that time, I knew there was a problem.   I managed to upload the powerpoint an hour ago and it took and is viewble.  The same system clitch or system malfunction may have impacted your upload or maybe your powerpoint is too big in size like Matthew suggests.

31 Jan 2013     


I posted three activities in the last days, but I don t have any new points. So I can t download
any activity. What s happened? 



8 Mar 2013