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Stolen worksheets
Hi every body . I was surfing on the net  and suddenly I found myself in an Arabic site . What made me astonished is that I found ESL worksheets  there belonging to Arab members but in fact they are not . These worksheets belong to our members in ESL . And I think no one has the right to publish others ´ works so I am begging Victor and the ESL members to check please .
The worksheets concers punctuation , comparison ,daily routines , modals etc..................
Here is the link :
And the one who has stolen these worksheets is : Mr.Chelgham Fateh
[email protected]

1 Feb 2013      


I ´ve just had a look at it :There are some worksheets downloaded from this site! 

1 Feb 2013     


...oh, no!!!!
Once again someone is stealing our work! 
That ´s just not fair! Unhappy

1 Feb 2013     


I ´ve just had a look at the site given . Checked the worksheets are taken from ESL printables. This is unfair.

2 Feb 2013     


Checked as well.  But what can we do ????  Another effect of gloabalization !!!!  

2 Feb 2013     


How do you manage to download the documents??  It ´s impossible for me!  They seem to be in .rar format.

2 Feb 2013     


You ´re one step ahead of me Janet, i can ´t even see the sheets...

2 Feb 2013     

Peter Hardy

Quite right that it was difficult to find the ws. One needs to learn Arabic to know what and where to click, i guess. Did finally get some ws on my screen. They looked very familiar to what we find on our site indeed. Maybe we have to rely on karma, or do they not believe in hell in Arabia?

Or we can be philosophical and feel proud that more people learn English thanks to us?

And by the way, life has never been fair.  We just have to learn to live with it.  Ermm

2 Feb 2013     


But ... how do our worksheets happen to be in this site? It must be an ESL member !!!
It´s not fair !!! but nobody can control what we do with the worksheets we download

2 Feb 2013     

United Kingdom

Naughty Mr Fateh Chelgham!

2 Feb 2013