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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > What Tense is it? Sorry teachers, could you help me with it?    

What Tense is it? Sorry teachers, could you help me with it?


What Tense is it? Sorry teachers, could you help me with it?
"  My sister tells my  parents I should be doing more  work. "  What tense is "should be doing"?   and one more "  she is being helpful" ? Can you please give me a little  more examples of this sort? Thanks,  dear teachers!! 

2 Feb 2013      

Czech Republic

Well, should be doing - itīs not a tense, should is followed by the infinitive and this is the continuous infinitive. (after modals)

I īd really like to be swimming in a nice cool pool right now.

You must be joking!

She is being helpful is present continuous of the verb TO BE. It is usually used  with adjectives, which are not typical of somebody.

 E.g. I donīt understand why he is being so nice to me today. Hi is usually horrible.
She is being silly at the moment. Doesnīt mean that she is a silly person, just is behaving like that now.
Hope this help.

2 Feb 2013     

Russian Federation

"should be doing" - modal verb structure. If you use "shoul do" that means a person shoul do something once (You shoul really see a doctor). If you use should be doing smth means a person should regularly do smth (you should be seeing your parents more often)
"She is being helpful" - Pres Cont  - she is helping us now (we are getting ready for smth and she is doing everything to help us - she is being helpful) 

2 Feb 2013