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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > I need your advice    

I need your advice


I need your advice
Dear friends! In two weeks we īll have an open day at our school. It means parents may visit the lessons to see their kids ī progress. I want parents  to be not only spectators but be involved  into the prosses. If you have any fresh ideas concerning the activities, I ī ll be very grateful to you. The age of my students from 10 to 16.

6 Feb 2013      


As we usually work with everyday English, we set up "shops" to show the practical use of the language. Eg. a supermarket assissted by 2 students. Parents who speak English can buy the stuff at the shops themselves or we have a corner with "interpreters".
Hope you can use the idea!

6 Feb 2013     


Thanks for your interesting idea!

6 Feb 2013     

Mariethe House

I think you should find some interesting ideas here:


6 Feb 2013     

New Zealand

hi zinaida
i have a couple of quiz worksheets. No grammar or anything....just some simple to understand general knowledge questions that you could use pairing off a adult and 1 student vs another couple.

6 Feb 2013     

United States

Yeah you could do some activities that include them all. That would be fun. Stuff like icebreakers ("Line up" is a fun one) or maybe "Taboo" thatīs a fun vocabulary game and it works with most levels.

8 Feb 2013