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Help please


Help please
If no-one dowmloads my worksheets  how else can I get points?

I have added a few recently and for example my worksheet about time  and anohtt about adverb (animal adverb poem) is on the very last page. I have checked others that far back and they have never been downloaded, having the worksheet added at the back back means  it is quite unlikely for someone to find it, isnīt it?

Also ot wonīt let me upload some of my better worksheets containing pictures as it says the file is to big!

Please can someone help me and download a few docs to help me get started?


23 Jan 2009      


If I were you I would delete the worksheets and improve them. You are right. Older worksheets which havenīt been downloaded so far are unlikly to be downloaded now. But keep creating, Iīm sure that you will succed eventualy.

23 Jan 2009     


Have a good look at the downloads with loads of points (preview) and at subjects, that people need. Take ideas from that (without copying and stealing) and people will become aware of your worksheets. (I agree with s.lefevre to delete the older ones, improve them and start new.)

There was a forum post by vickiii ages ago where she answered a similiar question like yours much more thoroughly. Maybe you can find it. That was really getting to the point.
(Donīt we miss vickiii...)

23 Jan 2009     


Thanks for your advice.

I have tried compressing my images on other worksheets but the files are still to large.....Iīll work it out eventually.

Also, I saw a lot of illustrated worksheets for time, that is why I included a basic page with lots of clock faces, good for revison and tests and also for schools with lilimted resources.

I dnīt only use this type of w/s to teach!!!!

I will look for the other thread!

25 Jan 2009