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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > defining and none defining articles    

defining and none defining articles


defining and none defining articles
Hello everyone ,
Could anyone help me in commenting on the following :

I know that using  a relative pronoun contributes  in defining the noun .

That  is the man  who  helped me  .

But could you please tell about the following .These sentences seem to be confusing . 

Which one is more correct ?

At the weekend I wrote a letter to  a relative who lives abroad .

At the weekend I wrote a letter to  the  relative who lives abroad .

Thanks .

4 Mar 2013      


In my opinion both are correct but with a slight difference in meaning :
In the first one, there are some relatives living abroad
In the second one, there´s only one relative living abroad
Hope it helps. Have a nice day

4 Mar 2013     


I understand the sentences like this.
sentence 1:I wrote a letter to a relative:one of my relatives(some of them live abroad)
sentence 2:I wrote a letter to the relative:the only one of your relatives who lives abroad.
Could native speakers help us more?

4 Mar 2013     


I agree with titine! However, it feels odd to refer to a relative as "the relative" - if you really only have one relative who lives abroad, I would be more specific. I wrote a letter to my uncle, who lives abroad.

13 Mar 2013