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ESL forum > Ask for help > Tutoring some Chinese students    

Tutoring some Chinese students


Tutoring some Chinese students
Hello those on the Forum

I īve been asked to tutor a few kids on Saturday. One on One. The parents say that all they expect of me is to go and sit with there kid and chat!!!!

Well that is not always easy with students in China for one they are normally quite shy and there language is limited to "Hello, How are you? I īm fine thank you, and you!

Any ideas of what I should do as their English tutor. Should I choose a topic of interest, teach them words associated with that topic and talk about it. Anyone with ideas on what a tutor can do, please let me know. Even if there is a website about this, that would be great.

The requirement of me is to go to their home, sit down with them and just have a conversation for an hour or two.

Thanks everyone.

9 Mar 2013      


Conversation classes need very careful planning or you īll run out of things to say very quickly. 

I īm not sure what age group the kids are, but I īd work around topics and bring in loads of stuff...
Lampworksheets involving the required vocab for the topic,
Lampmaybe a song/songs (with ws)
Lampshort videos from youtube (accompanied by ws)on the topic at hand
Lamploads of boardgames (they work wonders...the kids find them exciting -especially when you īre a sore loser to themWink)
Lampcard games (memories, uno to practice numbers & colours, word games, dominoes, cards with different pictures on that kids can link to tell a story etc)
Lampteach "set dialogues" and set phrases by heart (u can īt expect them to be productive if they don īt have the language for it)
Lampget them to make charts (eg. daily weather chart, daily food diary, daily routine chart) that they can tell you about when you next meet.) and surveys
LampI find "readers" help too...you learn new vocab, talk about the characters, make predictions, relate back to personal life etc.

Just have a wide range of activities with you so you always have something up your sleeve to avoid boredom.  Don īt go for 2 hours...it īs too long.  Do 45-50 ī for younger learners, it īs more than enough time. 

Well, hope I īve been of some help (just personal experience)

Have a great WE and Good Luck

Am off to a TESOL Convention

9 Mar 2013     


what about playing games? you have plenty of games (board games, card games, bingo...) here and you can actually learn a lot by playing games without noticing it...
for example with some board games, when you land on a square you need to say a sentence, or ask a question to your partner, or use a specific tense depending on what you work on :)
i īve got a few games that might be suitable but i īm pretty sure you īll find thousands here
take care!

9 Mar 2013     



They are Chinese 6-7 year olds. Likely LOW LOW A1. Not much. Their English often doesn īt surpass "Hello, How are you? Im fine thank you, and you?"

10 Mar 2013