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Newspaper Headlines


Newspaper Headlines

Newspaper headlines are ambiguous and cannot be easily  understood by my students. Particularly when I ask them to make a complete sentence. Is there any way to teach headlines in a good way? 

18 Mar 2013      

United States

Not really!   In Engl;ish writing, headlines and titles are not suppossed to be complete sentences.  They are suppossed to gennerate your intrest and curiosity so you will read the article to find out all the details. What I tell my writing students is to use one, two or three word phrases to tell their reader what the topic is.  Not sure this helps you a lot.

18 Mar 2013     


what I do with my pupils is to study the layout (pictures...) at the same time. If the headlines are very difficult you can actually talk about them once the pupils have read the article: for example when we studied extracts of "lamb to the slaughter",I asked them to guess the meaning of "slaughter" once they had read the scene where she kills her husband...

18 Mar 2013     


Hi there
Here are two links that I use that might help you:
Happy reading!

18 Mar 2013