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Hi all, can you do me a favor. I īm about to teach a reading section about "Hobbies", but in fact I īm searching for some activities that I can include them in the controlled practice. Can some suggest me some? I appreciate all of your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

18 Mar 2013      


Hello Kitty2810.

18 Mar 2013     

United States

Hi,  If you are talking about speaaking activities.  Check out Nuria Ortiz īs site for her lets talk about hobbies WS.   I have used them  in a speaking circle and for speaking in front of the class.  First I make a llist of vocabulary from the cards they need to understand in both English and their languare.  For speaking in front of the class I have them interview and talk to different students for each subtopic of hobbies making short nores.  Then they stand in front of the class to tell the class about that person.    For the speaking circle, you put them into 2 circles.  one inside of the other.  They are sitting facing each other and they talk to  each other about one of the cards.   After a set period of time, chosen by you you say [move!]
 and then everyone in the inside circle moves to the right or left. to talk to a different classmate.  This has worked really well for my 5th, 6th, jr high and high school students.  Nuria Ortiz īs cards are some of the best I have seen and used!

The author

Nuria Ortiz


18 Mar 2013