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Polar world


Polar world
Hello dear friends,
Please, please help me with the following:

1) Do we say ┤polar ┤ animals or ┤arctic ┤ animals? or both is correct?

2) Is it common in your countries to call a reindeer ┤caribou ┤?

3) We can say ┬┤Leopards live in a jungle┬┤. What about polar bears? Can we say "Polar bears live in the Antarctic"? "or in the Arctic"?

I know that these questions are more to do with Science but maybe they are easy to answer for native speakers?

Thank you!

21 Mar 2013      


Hi Izulia
1) I think both are ok however polar might refer to the North or South pole yet both poles have entirely different polar life. The Arctic is the North Pole and has land based animals (polar bears, arctic foxes etc) where as Antarctica is the South Pole, much colder and the animals that appear on land consist mainly of birds and sea animals that come ashore (seals and penguins) as it is too cold for land based animals. 
2) We don ┤t have these animals but we know them as reindeer
3) Polar bears live in the Arctic.  (There are no polar bears or land based animals in Antarctica except for some sort of midget insect about one cm long)

21 Mar 2013     

United States

Reindeer are domesticated (since you don ┤t put reins on wild animals) and caribou are wild.

21 Mar 2013     


Thank you ever so much for your help!!!

21 Mar 2013