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I Don īt know


I Don īt know
Hi guys from esl printables, I īve got still a questions that surrounds my brain, how is called people who live in the highlands? highlander? is there exactly a word or can you mention synonyms, please?  i would like to listen your answer :) Thank you

21 Mar 2013      

United Kingdom

Insofar as I know, Highlanders are people who live in the highlands of Scotland. 

21 Mar 2013     


I know that in Peru we call people from the coast "Costeņo" and people from the mountains "Serrano" but I īve never heard that in English.  When I refer to things from the Andes, I ask my students to use the term "Andean".  Otherwise, you just have to use people from the desert, people from the coast, people from the highlands, etc. as far as I know.
I agree with Lynn about the term "Highlander".

21 Mar 2013     


That īs right,people who live in the highlands are called "Highlanders".

21 Mar 2013     

United States

Yes, I īve only heard "highlanders" used for people from the highlands of Scotland. In the US, we sometimes say "hill people", but not often.

21 Mar 2013