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Poster about silence


Poster about silence
Could you help me find an image to illustrate that too much noise is bad? I plan to stick that image in a classroom wall in a course of 24 students. Sometimes noise is disturbing. It would be a reminder for the students to stay calm.

23 Mar 2013      


How about asking your students to design their own posters and vote for the best one to be on the wall?
Otherwise, hereīs my suggestion.

23 Mar 2013     


I have these pictures

23 Mar 2013     


23 Mar 2013     


Noise chart are a good idea. That way when they are getting too loud you can measure them against the noise chart. I find this to be effective because they have a visual representation of expectations. Traffic light system- green would be for students are learning at this level, orange students engaged in group work or think pair share discussions. Red- no learning is taking place because of the noise levels. These are things I īve adopted with one of my more challenging classes. I also learnt students have a different interpretation of quiet than myself so therefore I needed to be more explicit with what I expected. I noticed that I tend to say quiet please or I need you to get your books out quietly...I asked one student why he was not quiet, his response to me made he realize that quiet should be thrown out the window. This student was loud and noisy and clearly not being quiet, but according to him that was quiet for him...

23 Mar 2013     

United States

One poster I īve used effectively is a poster of a traffic light for varying degrees of noise levels. You have a large poster of a traffic light and you indicate to the students what level is acceptable for the task at hand. An arrow pointing to green could signify "use indoor voices" when working answering questions or having a classroom discussion. Yellow could mean whispering only is acceptable, like when working in teams and red of course would mean no talking allowed at this time. Ed

24 Mar 2013     

Russian Federation

Hello carinita

I absolutely adore these posters by xylandia (VOICE LEVELS IN THE CLASSROOM) http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=684702#thetop
Hope it helps!

24 Mar 2013     


Gr8 help, teachers! Thanks!

24 Mar 2013